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int nl_addr_info ( struct nl_addr *  addr,
struct addrinfo **  result 

Call getaddrinfo() for an abstract address object.

  • addr Abstract address object.
  • result Pointer to store resulting address list.
Calls getaddrinfo() for the specified abstract address in AI_NUMERICHOST mode.

The caller is responsible for freeing the linked list using the interface provided by getaddrinfo(3).
0 on success or a negative error code.

Definition at line 684 of file addr.c.

References nl_addr2str().

      int err;
      char buf[INET6_ADDRSTRLEN+5];
      struct addrinfo hint = {
            .ai_flags = AI_NUMERICHOST,
            .ai_family = addr->a_family,

      nl_addr2str(addr, buf, sizeof(buf));

      err = getaddrinfo(buf, NULL, &hint, result);
      if (err != 0) {
            switch (err) {
            case EAI_ADDRFAMILY: return -NLE_AF_NOSUPPORT;
            case EAI_AGAIN: return -NLE_AGAIN;
            case EAI_BADFLAGS: return -NLE_INVAL;
            case EAI_FAIL: return -NLE_NOADDR;
            case EAI_FAMILY: return -NLE_AF_NOSUPPORT;
            case EAI_MEMORY: return -NLE_NOMEM;
            case EAI_NODATA: return -NLE_NOADDR;
            case EAI_NONAME: return -NLE_OBJ_NOTFOUND;
            case EAI_SERVICE: return -NLE_OPNOTSUPP;
            case EAI_SOCKTYPE: return -NLE_BAD_SOCK;
            default: return -NLE_FAILURE;

      return 0;

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