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struct nlattr* nla_find ( struct nlattr *  head,
int  len,
int  attrtype 
) [read]

Find a single attribute in a stream of attributes.

  • head Head of attributes stream.
  • len Length of attributes stream.
  • attrtype Attribute type to look for.
Iterates over the stream of attributes and compares each type with the type specified. Returns the first attribute which matches the type.

Pointer to attribute found or NULL.

Definition at line 665 of file attr.c.

References nla_for_each_attr, and nla_type().

Referenced by nlmsg_find_attr().

      struct nlattr *nla;
      int rem;

      nla_for_each_attr(nla, head, len, rem)
            if (nla_type(nla) == attrtype)
                  return nla;

      return NULL;

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