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Basic Classifier

Detailed Description

The basic classifier is the simplest form of a classifier. It does not have any special classification capabilities, instead it can be used to classify exclusively based on extended matches or to create a "catch-all" filter.


struct  rtnl_basic

Attribute Modifications

uint32_t rtnl_basic_get_classid (struct rtnl_cls *cls)
struct rtnl_ematch_tree * rtnl_basic_get_ematch (struct rtnl_cls *cls)
int rtnl_basic_set_classid (struct rtnl_cls *cls, uint32_t classid)
int rtnl_basic_set_ematch (struct rtnl_cls *cls, struct rtnl_ematch_tree *tree)


static int basic_clone (struct rtnl_cls *_dst, struct rtnl_cls *_src)
static void basic_dump_details (struct rtnl_cls *cls, struct nl_dump_params *p)
static void basic_dump_line (struct rtnl_cls *cls, struct nl_dump_params *p)
static void __exit basic_exit (void)
static void basic_free_data (struct rtnl_cls *cls)
static int basic_get_opts (struct rtnl_cls *cls, struct nl_msg *msg)
static void __init basic_init (void)
static int basic_msg_parser (struct rtnl_cls *cls)


static struct rtnl_cls_ops basic_ops
static struct nla_policy basic_policy [TCA_FW_MAX+1]

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