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int nl_recvmsgs ( struct nl_sock *  sk,
struct nl_cb *  cb 

Receive a set of messages from a netlink socket.

  • sk Netlink socket.
  • cb set of callbacks to control behaviour.
Repeatedly calls nl_recv() or the respective replacement if provided by the application (see nl_cb_overwrite_recv()) and parses the received data as netlink messages. Stops reading if one of the callbacks returns NL_STOP or nl_recv returns either 0 or a negative error code.

A non-blocking sockets causes the function to return immediately if no data is available.

0 on success or a negative error code from nl_recv().

Definition at line 680 of file nl.c.

Referenced by __cache_pickup(), nl_recvmsgs_default(), and nl_wait_for_ack().

      if (cb->cb_recvmsgs_ow)
            return cb->cb_recvmsgs_ow(sk, cb);
            return recvmsgs(sk, cb);

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