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Packet/Bytes FIFO (pfifo/bfifo)
[Queueing Discipline Modules]

Detailed Description

The FIFO qdisc comes in two flavours:.

bfifo (Byte FIFO)
Allows enqueuing until the currently queued volume in bytes exceeds the configured limit.backlog contains currently enqueued volume in bytes.
pfifo (Packet FIFO)
Allows enquueing until the currently queued number of packets exceeds the configured limit.
The configuration is exactly the same, the decision which of the two variations is going to be used is made based on the kind of the qdisc (rtnl_qdisc_set_kind()).

Attribute Modification

int rtnl_qdisc_fifo_get_limit (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
int rtnl_qdisc_fifo_set_limit (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc, int limit)


static void bfifo_dump_line (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc, struct nl_dump_params *p)
static struct rtnl_fifo * fifo_alloc (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
static void __exit fifo_exit (void)
static void fifo_free_data (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
static struct nl_msg * fifo_get_opts (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
static void __init fifo_init (void)
static int fifo_msg_parser (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
static struct rtnl_fifo * fifo_qdisc (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
static void pfifo_dump_line (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc, struct nl_dump_params *p)


static struct rtnl_qdisc_ops bfifo_ops
static struct rtnl_qdisc_ops pfifo_ops

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