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int nlmsg_parse ( struct nlmsghdr nlh,
int  hdrlen,
struct nlattr *  tb[],
int  maxtype,
struct nla_policy policy 

parse attributes of a netlink message

  • nlh netlink message header
  • hdrlen length of family specific header
  • tb destination array with maxtype+1 elements
  • maxtype maximum attribute type to be expected
  • policy validation policy
See nla_parse()

Definition at line 319 of file msg.c.

References nla_parse(), nlmsg_attrdata(), and nlmsg_attrlen().

      if (!nlmsg_valid_hdr(nlh, hdrlen))
            return -NLE_MSG_TOOSHORT;

      return nla_parse(tb, maxtype, nlmsg_attrdata(nlh, hdrlen),
                   nlmsg_attrlen(nlh, hdrlen), policy);

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