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int nl_object_match_filter ( struct nl_object *  obj,
struct nl_object *  filter 

Match a filter against an object

  • obj object to check
  • filter object of same type acting as filter
1 if the object matches the filter or 0 if no filter procedure is available or if the filter does not match.

Definition at line 313 of file object.c.

References nl_object_ops::oo_compare.

Referenced by nl_cache_dump_filter(), nl_cache_foreach_filter(), nl_cache_nitems_filter(), and nl_cache_subset().

      struct nl_object_ops *ops = obj_ops(obj);

      if (ops != obj_ops(filter) || ops->oo_compare == NULL)
            return 0;
      return !(ops->oo_compare(obj, filter, filter->ce_mask,

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