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(Fast) Prio
[Queueing Discipline Modules]

Detailed Description

1) Typical PRIO configuration
 // Specify the maximal number of bands to be used for this PRIO qdisc.
 rtnl_qdisc_prio_set_bands(qdisc, QDISC_PRIO_DEFAULT_BANDS);

 // Provide a map assigning each priority to a band number.
 rtnl_qdisc_prio_set_priomap(qdisc, map, sizeof(map));

Priority Band Translations

static struct trans_tbl prios []
char * rtnl_prio2str (int prio, char *buf, size_t size)
int rtnl_str2prio (const char *name)

Attribute Modification

int rtnl_qdisc_prio_get_bands (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
uint8_t * rtnl_qdisc_prio_get_priomap (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
int rtnl_qdisc_prio_set_bands (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc, int bands)
int rtnl_qdisc_prio_set_priomap (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc, uint8_t priomap[], int len)

Default Values

#define QDISC_PRIO_DEFAULT_PRIOMAP   { 1, 2, 2, 2, 1, 2, 0, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 }


static struct rtnl_prio * prio_alloc (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
static void prio_dump_details (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc, struct nl_dump_params *p)
static void prio_dump_line (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc, struct nl_dump_params *p)
static void __exit prio_exit (void)
static void prio_free_data (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
static struct nl_msg * prio_get_opts (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
static void __init prio_init (void)
static int prio_msg_parser (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
static struct rtnl_prio * prio_qdisc (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)


static struct rtnl_qdisc_ops pfifo_fast_ops
static struct rtnl_qdisc_ops prio_ops

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