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Stochastic Fairness Queueing (SFQ)
[Queueing Discipline Modules]

Detailed Description

Parameter Description
  • Quantum: Number of bytes to send out per slot and round.
  • Perturbation: Timer period between changing the hash function.
  • Limit: Upper limit of queue in number of packets before SFQ starts dropping packets.
  • Divisor: Hash table divisor, i.e. size of hash table.

Attribute Access

int rtnl_sfq_get_divisor (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
int rtnl_sfq_get_limit (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
int rtnl_sfq_get_perturb (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
int rtnl_sfq_get_quantum (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
int rtnl_sfq_set_limit (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc, int limit)
int rtnl_sfq_set_perturb (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc, int perturb)
int rtnl_sfq_set_quantum (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc, int quantum)


static struct rtnl_sfq * sfq_alloc (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
static void sfq_dump_details (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc, struct nl_dump_params *p)
static void sfq_dump_line (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc, struct nl_dump_params *p)
static void __exit sfq_exit (void)
static void sfq_free_data (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
static struct nl_msg * sfq_get_opts (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
static void __init sfq_init (void)
static int sfq_msg_parser (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)
static struct rtnl_sfq * sfq_qdisc (struct rtnl_qdisc *qdisc)


static struct rtnl_qdisc_ops sfq_ops

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