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struct rtnl_qdisc* rtnl_class_leaf_qdisc ( struct rtnl_class class,
struct nl_cache cache 
) [read]

Lookup the leaf qdisc of a class

  • class the parent class
  • cache a qdisc cache including at laest all qdiscs of the interface the specified class is attached to
    The qdisc from the cache or NULL if the class has no leaf qdisc

Definition at line 137 of file class_obj.c.

References rtnl_qdisc_get_by_parent().

      struct rtnl_qdisc *leaf;

      if (!class->c_info)
            return NULL;

      leaf = rtnl_qdisc_get_by_parent(cache, class->c_ifindex,
      if (!leaf || leaf->q_handle != class->c_info)
            return NULL;

      return leaf;

Here is the call graph for this function:

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