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#include "../src/utils.h"

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
      struct nl_sock *sock;
      struct nl_msg *msg;
      void *hdr;
      int err;

      sock = nlt_alloc_socket();
      nlt_connect(sock, NETLINK_GENERIC);

      msg = nlmsg_alloc();
      if (msg == NULL)
            fatal(NLE_NOMEM, "Unable to allocate netlink message");

      hdr = genlmsg_put(msg, NL_AUTO_PID, NL_AUTO_SEQ, GENL_ID_CTRL,
                    0, 0, CTRL_CMD_GETFAMILY, 1);
      if (hdr == NULL)
            fatal(ENOMEM, "Unable to write genl header");

      if ((err = nla_put_u32(msg, CTRL_ATTR_FAMILY_ID, GENL_ID_CTRL)) < 0)
            fatal(err, "Unable to add attribute: %s", nl_geterror(err));

      if ((err = nl_send_auto_complete(sock, msg)) < 0)
            fatal(err, "Unable to send message: %s", nl_geterror(err));

      if ((err = nl_recvmsgs_default(sock)) < 0)
            fatal(err, "Unable to receive message: %s", nl_geterror(err));


      return 0;

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